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Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
The Revival of Boss Radio: AM radio
The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But, on the FM Dial!
Tune in Saturday's from 1:30 to 3 pm (Eastern Time)
Tune in live on W M P G at 90.9 FM or 104.1 FM
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Saturday, Sept. 27, on TNTS
(1:30 to 3 pm ET)
Sept. 27, 2014: The Night Train Show gives you another chapter
from The History of Rock & Roll. This week, Bill shares his
airwaves once again with several of those famous Djs from
The Golden Age of Top 40 radio. Thanks to Steve in
Freeport for the support of this show. Email your
song request; call the Boss Hitline: 780-4909.
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
News from TNTS
Coming up on Saturday, Sept. 20, is The Night Train Show's Fall Beg-
A-Thon show, where we will be asking you to call the WMPG Beg-
A-Thon Hotline to show your financial support for WMPG (your
favorite community radio station) and The Night Train Show.
No pledge amount is ever too small, so get ready to make
your pledge.  For $50, you can program The Night Train.
For $75, you can program and co-host your own Night
Train Show.  What a deal!  So, make it happen!
The Big Chair could be yours for 90 minutes!
Beg-A-Thon Hotline: 207-874-3000.
Check out the reasoning behind Bill's Top 200 artists countdown. 
Check out a "new" vintage Night Train radio show from August 6, 2011 -
 a show that was broadcast on the internet only, and not on
Southern Maine's FM airwaves. Click here.
Have you checked out The Night Train Show's Fan Club Facebook
page?  If not, then you need to check out this R & R page on
a daily basis.  Steve in Freeport is its web master and he is
doing a great job with his updates.  Click below:
(Thanks again to Steve in Freeport)
The Night Train Show's crew has been informed by WMPG management
that its July 20, 2013, radio show (Maine Bands from The 50s & 60s)
has won an award from The Maine Association of Broadcasters.  
 Details of the award won't be known until their banguet, which
 will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27, at The Fireside Inn in
Portland.  Stay tuned for this show's final results.
You can listen to this show here.
Fun Fact Quote
James Brown (The Hardest Working Man in show business):
"Music has to breathe and sweat.  You have to plat it live."
Future Shows on TNTS
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
October 4, 2014: Southern Maine Dj legend Bill O'Neil makes his debut
on board The Night Train Show!  Bill O'Neil, Rockin' Rick and Bill will
present a show on Maine R & R Bands from the 50s & 60s; plus,
you'll hear personal recollections and stories of The Southern
Maine music and radio scenes - all from The History of
Rock & Roll.  Sorry, no requests for this show!
Miscellaneous Information
* The Blues Highway Show with Mike Halmo. *
* Listen to previous Night Train Shows *
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
* Click here to learn more about WMPG. *
* The history of The Night Train Show. *
The Night Train Show: Now cruising from 1:30 to
3 PM all over Greater Portland and Southern Maine
 on W M P G, 90.9 FM & 104.1 FM - and now,
also cruising around the world on-line.

The Night Train Show plays red-hot R&R tunes every Saturday starting at 1:30 PM.  Jump on board!  Don't be late.
W M P G:  90.9 FM 
or  listen  on-line:
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