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Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
The Revival of Boss Radio: AM radio
The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But now on the FM Dial!
Tune in Saturday's from 1:30 to 3 pm (Eastern Time)
Tune in live on W M P G at 90.9 FM or 104.1 FM
Listen live worldwide at
Listen after the show at  TNT AUDIO

Upcoming On TNTS
July 26, 2014: The Night Train Show gives you another chapter
from The History of Rock & Roll. This week, it's the return
of recent Mini-Beg donor, Johnny Spindle, who will be
co-hosting his second Night Train show.  Johnny's
theme: "The History of R & R - from A to Z."
Sorry, no requests for this show.
New for TNTS
The next get-together for The Night Train Fan Club will be
on Saturday, August 23, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at The Great
Lost Bear on Forest Avenue in Portland.  Help Bill with
his summer-long celebration of his 1000th radio show
by putting this date on your social calendar.
Put some faces to the names you hear on
The Night Train Show.  Be there!
Check out the TNTS Lp page, where you can listen to legendary
albums in their entirety - but without the pops, ticks & clicks.
(Latest albums posted on July 16, 2014.)
Fun Fact Quote
Ringo Starr: "I like Beethoven,
especially the poems."
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The Night Train Show: Now cruising from 1:30 to
3 PM all over Greater Portland and Southern Maine
 on W M P G, 90.9 FM & 104.1 FM - and now,
also cruising around the world on-line.

The Night Train Show plays red-hot R&R tunes every Saturday starting at 1:30 PM.  Jump on board!  Don't be late.
W M P G:  90.9 FM 
or  listen  on-line:
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