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Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
The Revival of Boss Radio: AM radio
The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But, on the FM Dial!


Tune in Saturday's from 1:30 to 3 pm (Eastern Time)
Tune in live on W M P G at 90.9 FM or 104.1 FM
Listen worldwide & on-line at
Listen after the show at TNT AUDIO

Saturday, Oct. 18 on TNTS
(1:30 to 3 pm ET)
October 25: The Night Train takes the week off.  WMPG's
Tuesday evening Bluesman, The Blues Doctor, sits in
The Conductor's Chair for his second trip through
The History of Rock And Roll.  Tune him in!
You'll be glad you did.
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
News from TNTS
The October 18 show is the beginning of a series of Night Train's Fall
Beg-A-Thon sponsored shows, where each TNTS listener gets to
program and/or co-host their own radio show.  On Nov. 15,
Derek (the bass player for The Substitutes) will be
programming the show with some vintage,
blues-flavored R & R.
Have you checked out The Night Train Show's Fan Club Facebook
page?  If not, then you need to check out this R & R page on
a daily basis.  Steve in Freeport is its web master and he is
doing a great job with his updates.  Click below:
(Thanks again to Steve in Freeport)
Fun Fact Quotes
Elvis: "Music should be something that makes you gotta
 move, inside or outside."
Miles Davis: "Good music is good, no matter what kind of
 music it is."
 Stevie Wonder: "Music at its essence is what gives us
Future Shows on TNTS
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
November 15: The Night Train explores The History of Rock & Roll.
This week, it's a show programmed by Beg-A-Thon donor,  Derek.
Derek's theme will be "The Blues-Rock Music Scene from
the 1960s." Sorry, no requests.  This is
Derek's Begathon show!
November 22: The Night Train explores The History of Rock & Roll.
This week, it's the return of Beg-A-Thon co-host, Patti from
Westbrook.  Patti's will be giving you another chapter of
"Hippie-Day at MPG." Sorry, no requests.
This is Patti's Begathon show!
November 29: The Night Train explores The History of Rock & Roll.
This week, it's a show programmed and co-hosted by Beg-A-Thon
donor, Miss Molly - her second show. Miss Molly's theme will
be original songs followed a cover version. Sorry, no
requests - this is Miss Molly's Begathon show!
Date TBA: Bill & Barb from Gorham will be programming their own
Night Train Show. Their show will be broadcast some
time this Fall.  Stay tuned for more details
The Night Train Show: Now cruising from 1:30 to
3 PM all over Greater Portland and Southern Maine
 on W M P G, 90.9 FM & 104.1 FM - and now,
also cruising around the world on-line.

The Night Train Show plays red-hot R&R tunes every Saturday starting at 1:30 PM.  Jump on board!  Don't be late.
W M P G:  90.9 FM 
or  listen  on-line:
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    After perusing the TNTS Themes (see above right) , if you see a radio show to which you want to listen, email Bill with that show's title and date. You'll get that show posted on The Night Train's AUDIO web page within 24 hours!