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Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
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The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But, on the FM Dial!


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Saturday, April 4, 2015
(1:30 to 3 pm - ET)
Apr 4: The Night Train presents The History of Rock & Roll. This
week it's the return of John E Spindle for his fourth time in
The Big Chair as co-host.  John's theme will be
"Soul Music 101." Tune us in for another
great show from J E S. Sorry, no
requests for today's show.

Future Shows on TNTS
Apr 11 (?), 2015: Rockin' Rick returns with Part 3 in his series of shows:
The Kinks. This final installment will feature 3 more "Koncept"
albums from The Kinks, taking up where Part 2
ended.  Email your Kinks' request or call
The Boss Hitline: 207-780-4909.
Sorry no requests.
Apr 18, 2015: The Night Train presents The History Of Rock & Roll. This
week, it's a Beg-A-Thon show programmed by Patti & Gerry
from Westbrook. Their theme: Live tunes from the final
days of Bill Graham's R & R joint, The Fillmore.
Sorry no requests.
Apr 21, 2015: Special Day & Time - Bill and Mike fill in for
The Blues Doctor and his Evening Sun Blues Show.
Tune  in WMPG's two old hound dogs
for the finest in new and old  blues!
Apr 25, 2015: The Night Train presents The History Of Rock & Roll.
This week, who knows? Perhaps a Begathon Show programmed
by Capt. Moe. Email your request or call The Boss
Hitline: 207-780-4909.
Apr 28, 2015: Special Day & Time - Bill and Mike fill in for
The Blues Doctor and his Evening Sun Blues Show.
Tune in WMPG's two old hound dogs (again)
for the finest in new and old blues!
May 2: The Night Train presents The History Of Rock & Roll.  This
week, it's a Beg-A-Thon show programmed by Frank from
Westbrook. Frank's theme will give you a reminder of the
sounds from the 1950's. Sorry no requests.
May 30: The Night Train presents The History Of Rock & Roll. This
week, it's a Beg-A-Thon show programmed and co-hosted by
Bruce and Irene from Turner.  Their theme is still
undecided.  Sorry no requests.
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News from TNTS
If you are expecting to program or co-host an upcoming
Night Train radio show and Bill has not contacted you
yet, please email Bill here.  Bill has contacted each
Begathon donor whose name appears on the
list provided to him by the WMPG
Begathon management.
The official Beg-A-Thon results (as of Mar 22) are in! With
27 pledges (80% increase in calls), The Night Train
shatterd its previous pledge drive record.  In the
next few weeks, you'll be hearing several
shows programmed by and co-hosted
by TNTS Beg-A-Thon donors.
Stay tuned in!
Long-range calendar: Put Saturday, April 4, on your party
calendar. The Night Train's favorite R & R band, The
Substitutes, will be performing at a benefit dance for
local artist, Zoo Cain - a very special and long-time
Night Train and WMPG loyal listener. This event
will take place at The Gold Room, located at
512 Warren Ave in Portland. It all starts at
7 pm.  You can get your tickets ($11) at
any Bull Moose Music store (Portland,
Lewiston, Brunswick & Windham),
or at the door ($10). Put on your
dancing shoes - with The
Substitutes, you'll
need 'em.
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Fun Fact Quote
In April 1976, Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night
Live, jokingly made an on-air offer to the Beatles, hoping
that they would reunite on SNL. He remarked that if
all four Beatles were to appear on SNL, he would
give them $3000 to be split four ways:
"You divide it up any way you want.  If you want to
give  less to Ringo, that's up to you."
Did You Know?
In 1939, jukeboxes used 30 million records.  In 1942, 60 million
records went into jukeboxes, which accounted for half of all
records produced that year! By the mid-'40s, competition
from local radio, network radio, home phonographs
and other sources began to cut into the jukebox
scene. So, jukeboxes morphed into very ornate
machines.  In 1946, "The Wurlitzer 1015,"
complete with its bubble tubes, sold more
than 60,000 units - making it the most
famous Jukebox of all time.
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