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Bill Audette & The Night Train Show Present
The Revival of Boss Radio: AM radio
The  Way  It  Used  To  Be -
But, on the FM Dial!


Tune in Saturday's from 1:30 to 3 pm (Eastern Time)
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Saturday, Jan 31 on TNTS
(1:30 to 3 pm ET)
January 31: The Night Train explores The History of Rock & Roll.
This week, it's another edition of "You Say It, and I Play It."
Plus, you'll hear more artists from Bill's ongoing
Top 200 Artists CountdownEmail your request
or call The Boss Hitline: 207-780-4909.
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News from TNTS
Check out the TNT AUDIO page for 2 hours of The Blues,
as Bill & Mike Halmo filled in for The Blues Doctor and
his Evening Sun Blues Show on Jan 20.
The Night Train needs your help!
On Friday evening, March 13, The Fans of The Night Train hopes to
have its sixth Get-Together!  This time, the location will be at the
Portland movie theater that premieres the new documentary,
"The Wrecking Crew." But - we need your help to get this
documentary film into a Portland theater!  Go to the web
address below and fill in your email address & zip
The more Southern Maine zip codes entered,
the greater the chances that a Portland
theater gets to show this film on its
March 13 premiere date.
Do it now!
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page?  If not, then you need to check out this R & R page on
a daily basis.  Steve in Freeport is its web master and he is
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Fun Fact Quotes
Hank Ballard - fifties' R & B singer and author of The Twist:
"If you're looking for youth and longevity, just take a
dose  of rock 'n' roll.  It keeps you going.  Just
like the caffeine in your coffee."
Future Shows on TNTS
(Thanks to Steve in Freeport - check this out!)
Feb 2015: Rockin' Rick returns with Part 2 in his series of shows:
The Kinks. This second installment will feature the many
"Koncept" albums from The Kinks - vintage '66 - '68.
Email your Kinks' request or call The Boss
Hitline: 207-780-4909.
March 14: The Night Train explores The History of Rock & Roll.
Today is my birthday - so, let's party!  You call me, you
wish me happy birthday, while Rockin' Rick and I
give you The Wrecking Crew - Part 3.  You
can listen to Parts 1 & 2 by clicking here.
This is your invitation, so join us!  Email
your request or call The Boss Hitline:
Mar 2015: Rockin' Rick returns with Part 3 in his series of shows:
The Kinks. This third installment will feature more "Koncept"
albums from The Kinks, taking up where Part 2
ends.  Email your Kinks' request or call
The Boss Hitline: 207-780-4909.
The Night Train Show: Now cruising from 1:30 to
3 PM all over Greater Portland and Southern Maine
 on W M P G, 90.9 FM & 104.1 FM - and now,
also cruising around the world on-line.

The Night Train Show plays red-hot R&R tunes every Saturday starting at 1:30 PM.  Jump on board!  Don't be late.
W M P G:  90.9 FM  or  104.1 FM 
or listen on-line:
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